• American Revolution Tours

    Enjoy a four hour tour exploring the Battle of Brandywine which included the largest single-day battle of the Revolution and was described by one participant as “the most terrible fire ever heard in America.” Click the image above for more details about our American Revolution Tours
  • Civil War Tours

    We offer a number of on-request private tours for individuals and small and large groups covering the Retreat from Gettysburg, the First Battle of Bull Run: Clash of Amateurs, the Second Battle of Manassas and more… Click the image above for more information
  • World War I Tours

    2018 is the 100th anniversary of 1918 – the “American” year of the war. In honor of the Doughboys who went to France to fight for liberty, we are offering this special centennial tour of the battlefields of the American Expeditionary Force, to be held on September 16-25, 2018. Our itinerary includes the Marne, St. Mihiel, Cantigny, and the Meuse-Argonne; we will be at some of these places during the anniversary of the battles that occurred there, 100 years ago. For additional information and to book your place on this tour please click on the image above. Only a handful of rooms are still available.
  • World War II Tours

    In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the pivotal year 1944, we are offering two Normandy tours in 2019. Our April tour is sold out, but spaces remain available for our September 6-13, 2019 guided tour. Please click the image above for additional information and to book your place on this tour, please click on the image above. In 2020 we will be offering tours of Berlin and the Italian Campaign; please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Making History Come Alive…

BATTLEGROUND TOURS specializes in conducting professional guided tours of battlefields of the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War Two. Our tours are comprehensive and client-friendly, providing an informative and engaging narrative designed to bring clarity to complex and often confusing events; our journeys into the past are conducted in such a way as to be valuable and enjoyable to both experienced battlefield trekkers and those new to military history. The mission of our tours is simple: To bring history to life.

The opinion of our clients is what matters most. Please review our testimonials to right of this page to see the many compliments we have received over the years.

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  • “The tour was a truly valuable experience, educational and so interesting. We will certainly recommend you to others.” 

    Paul A., Ontario.

  • “I thought I understood the battle of New Market before; because of your tour, NOW I really do.”   Stephen L., Connecticut.

  • “We would like to thank you for the wonderful tour you provided us with. Ken is still talking about how ‘awesome’ it was and can not believe the information you knew. You really made our vacation complete. Thanks again

    Ken & Amy K., Michigan.

  • “I just need to thank someone … Stuart was just wonderful – Closing my eyes I could see the armies coming towards me!” 

    Maria & Ron S., California.

  • “Mr. Dempsey is an exceptional battlefield tour guide. His extensive knowledge enhanced our visit.” 

    Kevin W. (Lt. Col. USA, Ret.), Washington.

  • “I want to thank you for your most informative tour. The day was beautiful, the walk was so fine, and the information came alive.” 

    John R., Pennsylvania

  • “In the past several years, we have taken many military tours that were guided by Stuart Dempsey.  In over a dozen tours we have never been disappointed, in fact, we are always amazed at his in-depth knowledge of the many aspects of military history.”

    Jerry and Kathi Ortanna, PA

About our Tours

Our tours are suitable for individuals, couples, and groups small and large. For small parties, tours can be conducted in your own vehicle, with our guide doing the driving if you prefer. We welcome veterans organizations, college classes, and professional groups. Battleground can customize a tour to meet a specific focus, such as following the experiences of an ancestor or a hometown unit. Our primary objective is meeting the expectations of our clients.   

Booking a Tour

We offer both scheduled and by-request tours. Scheduled tours can be as short as one day and as long as a week or more, on particular dates and with a specific topic or focus, such as Normandy or Richmond for example. Request tours may be scheduled on a date of the clients choosing (subject to availability) and cover one or more of the various battlefields we go to, in a personalized format for you and your party.

Our Tours are more than just a history lesson...

homepage2The battlefields of the past have much to teach us. The valor and sacrifices of young men in the service of their country or cause deserve to be remembered, and serve to inspire us today. Lessons in leadership and decision making under pressure may be learned as well, making a battlefield tour a very useful outing for businesses attempting to develop leaders and management styles among their employees.

“Your tour explained so much … I thought it was terrific, but I already have a great interest in the Civil War. More important, you ignited a lot of interest on the part of our son. I understand that his pre-trip opinion was that it would be a boring day. What happened, though, is that he found it very interesting and he enjoyed it a great deal. Thanks again for a great day”. – Kip P., California

There is no substitute for actually being on the ground where momentous events occurred.  Whether you are standing on Gettysburg’s Little Round Top or Henry House Hill at Manassas, on the sands of Omaha Beach or the banks of Brandywine Creek, you will gain an increased understanding and appreciation for the events that happened there long ago.

Featured Tours

“Over There” The Americans in World War 1
September 16 – 25, 2018

The USA’s entry into the war came late, but in its final months the American Expeditionary Force played a vital role in ensuring Germany’s defeat. By the time the armistice came on November 11, 1918, two million US soldiers were in France, and over 300,000 had become casualties. Our tour encompasses several sectors where the Yanks contributed to the final Allied victory, including Cantigny, the St. Mihiel Salient, Champagne, the Meuse-Argonne, Sedan, and the Marne, plus France’s premier Great War museum at Meaux, and the Verdun battlefield. A few additional points of interest include Sedan Castle (the largest medieval castle in Western Europe), the site of the 1945 German surrender in Reims, and a Maginot Line fort.

We hope you will join us for this special centennial tour.

Click here for additional information on this tour.

Battle for Normandy: 75th Anniversary Tour

September 6th – 13th, 2019

On June 6, 1944, the picturesque coast of Normandy became the scene of the largest and most complex military operation in world history. Over the next eleven weeks, fierce combat raged across a once-bucolic landscape. By the end of the battle in August, the Allies had won a key success that would put them on the road to eventual victory over Nazi Germany.

Today, Normandy is again a peaceful and beautiful region, where the echoes of the past reach out to us at every turn. Come with us and visit the places where brave men fought for freedom, and where the history of the world was changed forever.

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Future Offerings

We will soon be working on several new tours; preliminary information can be found by clicking here