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Making history come alive …


BATTLEGROUND TOURS specializes in conducting professional guided tours of battlefields of the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War Two. Our tours are comprehensive and client-friendly, providing an informative and engaging narrative designed to bring clarity to complex and often confusing events; our journeys into the past are conducted in such a way as to be valuable and enjoyable to both experienced battlefield trekkers and those new to military history. The mission of our tours is simple: To bring history to life.

Our tours are suitable for individuals, couples, and groups small and large. For small parties, tours can be conducted in your own vehicle, with our guide doing the driving if you prefer. We welcome veterans organizations, college classes, and professional groups. Battleground can customize a tour to meet a specific focus, such as following the experiences of an ancestor or a hometown unit. Our primary objective is meeting the expectations of our clients.

We offer both scheduled and by-request tours. Scheduled tours can be as short as one day and as long as a week or more, on particular dates and with a specific topic or focus, such as Normandy or Richmond for example. Request tours may be scheduled on a date of the clients choosing (subject to availability) and cover one or more of the various battlefields we go to, in a personalized format for you and your party.

The battlefields of the past have much to teach us. The valor and sacrifices of young men in the service of their country or cause deserve to be remembered, and serve to inspire us today. Lessons in leadership and decision making under pressure may be learned as well, making a battlefield tour a very useful outing for businesses attempting to develop leaders and management styles among their employees.

There is no substitute for actually being on the ground where momentous events occurred.  Whether you are standing on Gettysburg’s Little Round Top or Henry House Hill at Manassas, on the sands of Omaha Beach or the banks of Brandywine Creek, you will gain an increased understanding and appreciation for the events that happened there long ago.


Your guide with his battlefield trekking companion.