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At Battleground, it is our mission to provide our clients with a high quality historical touring experience delivered at an affordable price. Because we are a small business with low overhead, we can offer personalized service and accessible, well organized tours that will give you a lifetime of memories, all at a cost lower than any other company.

scheduleScheduled Tours:

For our scheduled events, such as our European tours, booking information may be found on the web page dedicated to that tour, where a link takes you to the necessary booking forms.


Customized Tours:

For our Civil War and American Revolution tours in the Mid-Atlantic area
FLEXIBILITY is one of our hallmarks. While we occasionally offer scheduled tours, our primary mission is to provide tours when YOU want them.

Our central location in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, means that we frequently have the ability to arrange tours based on our clients’ preferences. We are two hours or less from many of the battlefields that we specialize in, and can meet you there, or take you there from Gettysburg or nearby locations if prearranged.

We can also personalize your tour if your interests have a particular focus, such as following in the footsteps of a soldier-ancestor or a hometown regiment.

Contact us with dates when you would like to visit a particular battlefield, and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Other Services:                                              

Speaking engagements:

Stuart is a popular lecturer on military history at conferences, colleges, and round tables. He can speak on a variety of topics ranging from the American Revolution to the Second World War in Europe. Stuart welcomes your enquiries about speaking for your group or institution.


Stuart has been interviewed on several news broadcasts, and hosted a 46-part online video series on the Gettysburg Daily website. Stuart’s familiarity with several battlefields, and his ability to cogently discuss the events that occurred on them, makes him an ideal presenter for documentary programs.

For additional information on booking with us, please contact us:

Stuart R. Dempsey
Licensed Battlefield Guide

(717) 642-9222

 or email at: