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    On June 6, 1944, the picturesque coast of Normandy became the scene of the largest and most complex military operation in world history. On that day alone over 130,000 Allied soldiers, supported by over 6,000 ships and 12,000 aircraft, attacked beaches whose names have become legendary; while 24,000 more troops entered the battle by glider and parachute.

    Over the next eleven weeks, fierce combat raged across a once-bucolic Normandy landscape. By the end of the battle in August, the Allies had won a key success that would put them on the road to eventual victory over Nazi Germany.

    Normandy 2015 Bty des LonguesToday, Normandy is again a peaceful and beautiful region, where the echoes of the past reach out to us at every turn.

    Come with us and visit the places where brave men fought for freedom, and where the history of the world was changed forever.

    Click here for Normandy tour details to learn whats included, travel information, and to get a glimpse of some of the many places we will visit during our tour. 

  • Berlin-Night Aerial view (2)Perhaps no world capital has been more central to the history of the 20th century than Berlin. Now a vibrant modern metropolis, traces of the city’s turbulent past – whether as the hub of Hitler’s ‘Thousand Year Reich’ or as the front line of the Cold War – may be found on nearly every corner.

    We are pleased to announce that we are again offering a tour of ‘Battlefield Berlin.’ Our weeklong visit will primarily focus on three crucial aspects of the city’s recent past. You will walk the same streets as some of the most detestable villains of the modern age as we discuss Berlin’s role as capital of the Third Reich and witness the legacy of their crimes at places like Sachsenhausen concentration camp. As that regime collapsed, the city became a battlefield. There, in the last days of April 1945, teenage boys and old men fought the Red Army street by street while their Führer issued orders to long-destroyed units from his underground bunker just off Wilhelmstrasse and a terrified civilian populace merely tried to survive.

    BerlinTour Group SeelowYou will visit sites from this final battle of the Second World War in Europe, beginning with the bloody fields around the Seelow Heights and ending with the Reichstag, where Soviet troops raised their flag on the night of April 30: symbolically, if not quite actually ending the most intensely destructive contest in history. The city’s four decades of Cold War history will not be forgotten, as we will see the remnants of the Berlin Wall and explore the headquarters and prison of the STASI – East Germany’s feared secret police, the keepers of the most efficient police state in history. We invite you to join us as we spend six days and nights visiting the locations, both famous and forgotten, where the modern world was shaped.  

    Click here for tour details to learn whats included, travel information, and to get a glimpse of some of the many places we will visit during our tour. 

  • bulge-clervaux-castleAdolf Hitler’s last major offensive on the Western Front began on December 16, 1944, as 200,000 German soldiers attacked thinly held American positions in the forests of the Ardennes in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Germans struck hard, initially gaining successes against their surprised and often inexperienced opponents. Soon however, small units of G.I.s rallied to slow the enemy onslaught as reinforcements poured into the Ardennes. For more than five weeks, the two sides fought one the bitterest contests of the Second World War, ultimately involving nearly one million combatants and inflicting almost 200,000 casualties.

    The Battle of the Bulge was the largest engagement ever fought by the United States Army, and it resulted in the defeat of Germany’s last reserves. The war in Europe would end less than four months later.

    IMG_0117Our most recent Battle of the Bulge tour stretched from October 17th to October 24th, 2015. Our tour began with a visit to the excellent Royal Armed Forces Museum in Brussels, our week-long itinerary included numerous sites in Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg, where the valor and grit of the American soldier was pitted against the Wehrmacht’s desperate attempt to reverse the course of World War Two. Today, the Ardennes remains a region of villages, farms, and forests, where the past is never far away.

    Our most recent tour concluded on October 24th 2015. Visit our Battle of the Bulge page here for a recap and slideshow of our recent tour. Please Contact us for upcoming tour dates.

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